Super Forms – Drag & Drop Form Builder GPL


General plugin description:
With this plugin you can create any type of form. From a simple contact form to a complex application form. Super Forms has all the elements, fields and settings that you will ever need for any type of form. Below is a full list of features.

Main Features:

  • Drag & Drop
  • 30+ Elements
  • Column / Grid System
  • Fully Responsive
  • Conditional Logic
  • 850+ Icons
  • Multi-Step / Part
  • Save Contact Entry
  • Export Contact Entries
  • Email Auto Responder
  • Admin Email Alerts
  • Hidden fields
  • Ajax Powered
  • File Upload
  • Anti-SPAM protection
  • Image Selection
  • Add more (+) repeater fields
  • Automatic Updates
  • Customizable Colors
  • Custom CSS
  • Cross-site Import
  • No Programming required
  • TinyMCE editor field
  • Import Entries
  • (and many more, see changelog for full list of features)

Advanced Features:

  • Form MarketPlace (one click install example forms)
  • Disabled fields
  • Variable fields
  • RTL (right to left)
  • Populate fields
  • Auto-complete / suggest
  • Repeat email address
  • Custom regex validation
  • Redirect to custom URL
  • Custom entry lists columns
  • Tag system {fieldname}
  • Dynamic URL redirect parameters ?first_name={firstname}
  • Email Attachments based on files uploaded by user
  • Populate dropdown with values based on post type, taxonomy or a CSV file
  • Honeypot style captcha (SPAM protection)
  • Hook/Actions to hook into the Super Forms code and extend it with your own functions
  • SMTP settings
  • 50+ example forms
  • Form preferences (global settings)
  • Live preview
  • Create unlimited forms
  • Multiple forms on same page
  • Build with ZERO Conflict in mind
  • Duplicate fields
  • Duplicate forms
  • Required fields
  • Many Add-ons available
  • Translation Ready
  • 24/7 Support
  • (and many more, see changelog for full list of features)


  • PHP version 5.4 or higher
  • WordPress version 3.9 or higher

Please check our website for the full changelog and to see what new features have been added since it’s initial release!

Nov 9, 2017 – Version 3.4.0

  • Added: Option to reset submission counter
  • Added: New tag {submission_count} Retrieves the total submission count (if form locker is used)
  • Added: New tag {last_entry_status} Retrieves the latest Contact Entry status
  • Added: contact entry statuses
  • Added: lock form after specific amount of submissions
  • Added: option to reset form lock daily/weekly/monthly/yearly
  • Added: Option to send default attachment(s) for all email for both admin and confirmation emails
  • Improved: Allow decimal values for quantity field
  • Fix: Issue with conditional logic function when using multi-parts and when “Check for errors before going to next step” is enabled on the multi-part
  • Fix: Check if HTTP_REFERRER is defined, otherwise php will throw error
  • Fix: {tag;1} {tag;2} etc. where only accepting int types and not var types
  • Fix: If Ante/Post meridiem 12 hour format make sure to convert it to 24 hour format in order to return correct timestamp to do calculations with calculator add-on
  • Fix: In rare cases custom regex e.g: \d would result in invalid json string seeing blank form in back-end
  • Fix: Contact entry not updating if Contact Entry saving itself is disabled but Updating Contact Entries is enabled
  • Updated: Fontawesome to v4.7
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