Refund Policy

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Allow us to try and help fix any issue you have by opening a ticket in our support desk before a refund is issued. Please give our Support Team 24-72 hours to get back to you on request for assistance. We are doing our best to respond to your requests a lot more quickly.

The essence of digital media (software) can be downloaded instantly after purchasing a product. When buying every product there is no “trial” or “grace period” which ensures all purchases are final. There’s no way to “return” it once you’ve bought the device. As such no refunds can be made available.

If the product you downloaded from the website was completely unusable we can make a refund. If you request a reimbursement or open a PayPal dispute / UPI report after delivery, you will be banned from our site.

If you simply decide not to use the products you purchased, refunds will not be granted. We stand behind our products and will help you solve any problems you have, but we also expect you to understand properly what you are buying.

If you are facing any issue with our products contact us on

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