Rank Math Pro GPL Free Download V3.0.29 (100% Working)

Rank Math Pro GPL Free Download: At GPL Factory we share 100% genuine Rank Math Pro GPL WordPress plugins. On GPL Factory you will never get any cracked or nulled themes and plugins or any other tool or software. we also scan Rank Math Pro GPL free download files with Avast Antivirus and it is completely safe to use on any website.

Rank Math Pro GPL Free Download file provided on GPL Factory is preactivated which means there is no need to use any license key to use premium features of Rank Math Pro also there is no limitation on uses so you can use it on unlimited websites.

File NameRank Math Pro GPL Free Download
File TypeRank Math Pro GPL (100% Working)
File VersionRank Math Pro v3.0.29
Last Updated04-Feb-2023
Rank Math Pro GPL Free Download
RankMath Pro Free Download

What Is Rank Math?

Rank Math is one of the best WordPress SEO plugins which helps you to perform on-page and technical SEO tasks for your website. If you are new in this field you can easily do your website SEO by using WordPress SEO plugins like Rank Math.

Rank Math Free vs Rank Math Pro

Rank Math is a freemium WordPress SEO Plugin which means you can use it for free but for some features, you need to buy a premium subscription to Rank Math. Now let’s see a quick comparison between Rank Math Free and Rank Math Pro.

Free version features:

  • Meta descriptions and titles – You can either use templates or manually change SEO titles and descriptions for each post/page.
  • Social media descriptions – Manage how your content and images will be displayed on Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social media.
  • Focus keyword analysis – Optimize content for multiple focus keywords.
  • XML sitemap – Rank Math lets you create your own customized XML sitemap. You don’t have to use the WordPress default sitemap if it doesn’t meet your needs.
  • Structured data/schema – Schema can be controlled for different content parts. You can also set a sitewide schema.
  • Search console – Sitemaps can be submitted automatically after you connect the site with Google Search Console.
  • Knowledge graph and local SEO – You can enhance your site so that it appears more prominently in search results for local businesses.
  • Image SEO – Improve image optimization by adding alt and title tags to your images automatically.
  • Internal link suggestions – Rank Math will make suggestions about other content that your website can link to when you’re using the editor function.
  • Breadcrumbs – Add breadcrumbs to the site.
  • Link counter – You can see the post/page internal and external links.
  • Redirects – 301 and 302 redirects can be set and managed.
  • 404 monitor – Keep tabs on any 404 error issues.
  • Google Analytics – You can see traffic information from your WordPress dashboard after the Google Analytics tracking code has been added.
  • Basic WooCommerce SEO – Adding product and shop titles and descriptions are some of the primary WooCommerce SEO optimization tasks that can be performed.

Premium version features:

  • Keyword rank tracking – You can see your keyword search engine rankings over the last twelve consecutive months. You’ll have more insight into your keywords’ performance.
  • Google Trends integration
  • Local search engine optimization can be conducted for multiple locations.
  • Google News SEO sitemap can be created.
  • You can create a Google Video SEO sitemap.
  • Social media images can be watermarked automatically.
  • There are over twenty predetermined kinds of schema that can be used.
  • View Google Adsense earnings history information.
  • There are more advanced WooCommerce search engine optimization functions available.

Rank Math vs Yoast SEO

Rank Math and Yoast SEO both are very popular WordPress SEO plugins in fact Yoast is the oldest WordPress SEO plugin. Now let’s see which one is better for your Yoast SEO or Rank Math.

In one line I will suggest you use Rank math instead of using Yoast SEO because Rank Math is more user-friendly than Yoast also there are many features that you get in the paid version of Yoast SEO but Rank Math provides all those features in the free version along with this you will get some extra features in Rank Math which Yoast SEO doesn’t have.

To know more about Rank Math Vs Yoast SEO you can check out a detailed comparison by Lit Blogging.

Why GPL Factory Is The Best Website To Get Rank Math Pro GPL Free

I know there are many websites that provide Rank Math Pro GPL Free but most of them websites provides nulled or cracked version of Rank Math Pro and by using a cracked or nulled plugin your website may get hacked and you will lose all your ranking in SERP in just few time.

On GPL Factory we provide 100% Geniune GPL theme and plugin which is scanned by Avast antivirus to check every single code of the file.

Rank Math Pro Plugin Installation Guide

Now let’s see how to install Rank Math Pro GPL free download from GPL Factory.

  • Step 1 – Download Rank Math Pro Plugin Free Download file from the below given link.
  • Step 2 – Extract the downloaded file using Winrar Software or Winrar App
  • Step 3 – Now you have 2 files one is the Rank Math Free version and another one is the Rank Math Pro version.
  • Step 4 – Go to Plugin -> Add New -> Upload Plugin -> Now Choose Rank Math Free version file -> Install -> Activate it.
  • Step 5 – Go to Plugin -> Add New -> Upload Plugin -> Now Choose Rank Math Pro version file -> Install -> Activate it.
  • Step 6 – Done…Enjoy!!! Now you successfully Installed the Rank math Pro plugin.

Rank Math Pro GPL Free Download From Here (Rank Math Pro v3.0.29)

Rank Math Pro GPL Free Download is a 100% genuine GPL WordPress plugin that you can use on unlimited websites for free and use all the premium features of Rank Math for free. The rank Math Pro GPL Free download link is given below.


Rank Math Pro GPL Free Download From Here (Rank Math Pro v3.0.28 + Rank Math Free v1.0.106)


Rank Math Pro GPL Free Download From Here (Rank Math Pro v3.0.27 + Rank Math Free v1.0.105)


Rank Math Pro GPL Free Download From Here (Rank Math Pro v3.0.26.1 + Rank Math Free v1.0.104.1)


Rank Math Pro GPL Free Download From Here (Rank Math Pro v3.0.26 + Rank Math Free v1.0.104)


Rank Math Pro GPL Free Download From Here (Rank Math Pro v3.0.25 + Rank Math Free v1.0.103.1)


Official Website To Buy Rank Math Pro

If you want to buy Rank Math Pro from their official website you can go for it by clicking on the below button.

Rank Math Pro Pricing

Rank Math offers three different plans for their Pro version (Pro, Business, and Agency) You can choose the according to your uses pricing for all the plans are mentioned in the below image.


Conclusion Rank Math Pro GPL Free Download

I hope you found helpful Rank Math Pro GPL Free download by GPL Factory. This is a 100% genuine Rank Math Pro pre-activated GPL file that you can use on any WordPress website without any errors and issues. But if you still have any questions can ask us any time.

Changelogs Rank Math Pro

v3.0.26.1 December 20, 2022

  • Fixed: Nested object properties added in the Schema were not working well on some setups
  • Fixed: Importing Schema from another site was showing error when positiveNotes & negativeNotes properties were in array format

v3.0.26 December 19, 2022

  • Added: [HUGE!] Introducing Table of Contents block to automatically generate Table of Contents from the headings added to the page
  • Added: New filter that allows you to change the Pros & Cons labels
  • Added: srcset attributes for the Podcast Image displayed on the frontend
  • Added: New filter that allows you to modify the thumbnail_loc & content_loc properties in the Video Sitemap
  • Fixed: Invalid country code was used for the United Kingdom in the Analytics
  • Fixed: Missing loading effect on Ranking Keywords table in the Post Analytics
  • Fixed: Advanced Schema Editor where adding array values was not working
  • Fixed: PHP notice related to Podcast Schema on some setups
  • Fixed: PHP warning when importing the Redirections rule from CSV file on some setups
  • Fixed: Empty Schema div was added to the front when the BlogPosting or NewsArticle Schema was added to a post

v3.0.25 November 30, 2022

  • Improved: Filename for the Image generated from the Autodetected Videos
  • Improved: Content AI help texts for Business & Agency license
  • Fixed: More keywords than the set limit could be added to Rank Tracker when Auto Add Focus keywords option is enabled
  • Fixed: Google Trends tool was not displaying the popup in the Elementor Editor after switching tabs
  • Fixed: Empty keywords were being added to the Rank Tracker when an extra comma was used while inserting the keywords

v3.0.24 November 14, 2022

v3.0.23 November 2, 2022

  • Fixed: Podcast title was not displayed on the frontend when it was the same as the Post title
  • Fixed: Duplicate content was shown in itunes:summarytag in the Podcast feed

v3.0.22 October 19, 2022

  • Added: Support for parameterized URLs in the Redirection Module
  • Added: New filter to modify the Redirection data before importing the CSV file
  • Fixed: Feed validator channel contains more than one image error when site icon is added to the site
  • Fixed: Incorrect CSV Import instructions
  • Fixed: Scheduled Action created after creating a Scheduled Redirection was not getting removed after deleting the redirection
  • Fixed: Copying Schema shortcode using the Keyboard was not working in the Elementor editor

v3.0.21 September 22, 2022

v3.0.20 September 14, 2022

  • Improved: Plugin’s update checking functionality
  • Improved: Removed inStock information from the Review Schema shortcode when Offers and Pros & Cons added to the Product Schema are empty for Editorial Reviews
  • Improved: Query performance to get the Schema templates data based on the Display conditions
  • Improved: Query performance to get the Analytics data
  • Fixed: Missing GTIN in Variable Product Schema even when the value was added in the backend
  • Fixed: Secondary keywords were removed at the time of updating SEO details using the Quick Edit option
  • Fixed: Data sorting option was not working in the Analytics reports
  • Fixed: Editor was crashing at the time of searching for a Singular post in the Schema Template Display Condition option
  • Fixed: Term selection option was not working in the Schema Template Display condition option
  • Fixed: Missing Analytics header options after selecting the Post type

v3.0.19 August 24, 2022

  • Added: More Countries in the Google Search Console settings
  • Improved: Add multiple Pros & Cons in the Advanced Schema editor
  • Improved: Removed offers property completely when values are empty and Pros & Cons are added in the Product Schema for Editorial Reviews
  • Fixed: Wrong positioning of the Pros & Cons properties in the Review Schema
  • Fixed: Wrapped Pros & Cons list in the ul tag when shortcode or Schema block is used in the content area
  • Fixed: Images added in the Tab field of the ACF plugin were not included in the Sitemap
  • Fixed: Missing author URL property warning when Article schema is added to a post after the FAQPage schema
  • Fixed: Rank Tracker was not showing the option to add & delete the keyword

v3.0.18.1 August 12, 2022

  • Fixed: Conflict between Rank Math PRO & Elementor PRO, which was breaking the editor

v3.0.18 August 11, 2022

  • Added: [NEW!] Support for Pros & Cons in Review Schema
  • Fixed: Podcast feed link was not working on the new setup without updating the permalinks
  • Fixed: PHP notice in FAQ block when the image is not added
  • Fixed: Option to sort data was not working in the Analytics
  • Fixed: Page was reloading after searching the keyword on Rank Tracker page
  • Fixed: Rank Tracker page was showing an error after reloading the page
  • Fixed: Search page by URL or Title was not working in Site Analytics
  • Fixed: Change Caption casing option was not working
  • Fixed: Bulk Redirect was not working for terms
  • Fixed: Missing loading effect in Analytics tables
  • Fixed: Business badge was shown on the sites registered to an Agency plan
  • Fixed: Missing toggle to change the Top Winning & Losing posts

v3.0.17 July 28, 2022

  • Added: [HUGE!] Introducing Podcast SEO! Now create, publish, and optimize your podcasts from Rank Math without needing any third-party plugin.
  • Improved: Made several significant code improvements
  • Updated: License badge colors in the header of plugin’s Setting pages
  • Fixed: Top Statuses in the Index Status tab of Analytics were showing the wrong colors
  • Fixed: Missing author property in Article schema on some setups when multiple schemas were added in the post
  • Fixed: SEO Details column in the Post list was incorrectly showing the N/A score after updating the SEO data using the Quick edit option
  • Fixed: Default Schema set in the Titles & Meta Settings was not showing in the Post list

v3.0.16.1 July 18, 2022

  • Fixed: PHP error on some setups when both the Elementor & BuddyPress plugin were active on a site

v3.0.16 July 13, 2022

  • Added: Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, and Dutch translations
  • Improved: German translations
  • Improved: Styling of HowTo & FAQ Schema shortcodes to match with the blocks
  • Fixed: Unexpected Text error in the Media feed
  • Fixed: Analytics connected with GA4 property was not fetching the data from the selected country
  • Fixed: Deprecated PHP warning in Elementor editor
  • Fixed: Query monitor was showing missing dependencies error on Taxonomy pages on some setups
  • Fixed: Password-protected products pages were showing critical error on some setups

v3.0.15.1 June 30, 2022

  • Fixed: Rank Tracker was not showing the option to add & delete the keyword

v3.0.15 June 29, 2022

  • Improved: Made several significant code improvements in the Analytics module to make the plugin even FASTER and LIGHTER
  • Improved: CSV Export code to make it work better with the quotes in the values
  • Improved: Images added using ACF block are now also included in the Sitemap
  • Improved: Dark mode styling of the Schema Generator in the Elementor editor
  • Fixed: The %imagealt% and %imagetitle% variables used in the Image SEO were showing the same value for all the images
  • Fixed: KML file was showing the name of the last location in all the locations entries
  • Fixed: Video sitemap was showing the same thumbnailUrl for all the posts
  • Fixed: Video Sitemap was showing deprecated Category column
  • Fixed: FAQ schema was showing an Unknown property error on some setups
  • Fixed: The option to select primarySchema was not working in the Schema Generator
  • Fixed: Schema Generator layout was changing to the Advanced editor on some setups after making the changes in the Secondary schema
  • Fixed: Encoded characters were shown in the Rich Results section of the Index Status
  • Fixed: RTL issues in the Analytics graphs
  • Fixed: Deprecated notice in the Elementor editor

v3.0.14 June 15, 2022

v3.0.13 June 1, 2022

  • Improved: Made several significant code improvements that make the plugin even FASTER and lighter
  • Improved: Google Trends CSS to make the UI same in all the editors
  • Fixed: Malformed Image file name when Change Description Casing was set to Title casing
  • Fixed: Google Search Console was showing Couldn't Fetch 404 error for News Sitemap when the site had no new articles in the past 48 hours
  • Fixed: jQuery Migrate warnings on some setups
  • Fixed: Schema Template’s Display conditions were not working well for singular pages

v3.0.12 May 20, 2022

v3.0.11 May 4, 2022

  • Added: [HUGE!] Rank Math now supports Google Analytics 4
  • Added: Option to create GA4 property with one click
  • Removed: [IMPORTANT] Cookieless Tracking option as it will not work with the GA4
  • Added: Index Status data in the Single Post Analytics reports
  • Fixed: Google Trends was not working in the Elementor editor
  • Fixed: Deselecting a keyword in the Google Trends was not working
  • Fixed: Undefined PHP error related to Analytics Module on some setups

v3.0.10.1 April 7, 2022

v3.0.10 April 7, 2022

  • Added: [NEW!] Introducing Stats Bar. Now, you can view Analytics stats on the frontend
  • Added: Option to search a keyword in the Rank Tracker
  • Fixed: Content length test was showing the wrong recommended number of words on WooCommerce/EDD Product pages on non-English sites
  • Fixed: Sitemap was showing an error on some setups when the Include Images from the ACF fields option was enabled
  • Fixed: Duplicate keywords were getting added in the Rack Tracker when the keyword case was different

v3.0.9 March 23, 2022

  • Added: [New!] SEO details in the Post column will now also show the Search Traffic & Search Impression data if the Analytics Module is on
  • Added: Mobile Usability Issues section in the Index Status report
  • Improved: “Activate the PRO version” notice was showing the invalid activation link on some setups
  • Fixed: Robots.txt state label in the Index Status
  • Fixed: Bulk editing was showing an undefined error on some setups
  • Fixed: Pagination was not working well on the Index Status page after selecting a filter

v3.0.8 March 9, 2022

  • Added: [HUGE!] Google URL Inspection API Integration in our Analytics Module, now you can see current Index Staus, Earned Rich Results, Errors & Warnings from Google directly in your WordPress backend!
  • Improved: Made several code improvements
  • Fixed: MySQL error due to mismatch in Analytics table collations
  • Fixed: PHP error on some setup after connecting Analytics account

v3.0.7 February 23, 2022

  • Added: [NEW!] Dedicated Content Analysis tests for WooCommerce & EDD Products
  • Fixed: Google Analytics and Adsense data was not updating when updating the data manually from General Settings
  • Fixed: On non-English sites, wrong schema icons were shown on the Analytics page

v3.0.6 February 9, 2022

  • Improved: Plugin performance by removing duplicate queries
  • Improved: Made several significant code improvements in the Analytics Module that have made the plugin even FASTER and lighter
  • Fixed: Incompatibility with the WP Schema PRO plugin
  • Fixed: Sitemap was not showing the Images added in the ACF’s Flexible content field
  • Fixed: Bottom Center thumbnail overlay position was not working
  • Fixed: JS errors appearing on Analytics page for some installations

v3.0.5 January 26, 2022

  • Improved: Affiliate links will now be treated as external across the website
  • Improved: sponsored rel tag is automatically added to all the affiliate links
  • Updated: German translations
  • Fixed: PHP errors on some setup after resetting the settings
  • Fixed: Invalid @type error when FAQ schema was used on Taxonomy pages
  • Fixed: Default Thumbnail Watermark option was getting duplicated on all the pages in Settings page when the Web Stories plugin was active
  • Fixed: Missing Active Schema Templates section in the Divi Editor
  • Fixed: Same schema template was appearing multiple times in the Elementor editor

v3.0.4 January 5, 2022

  • Improved: [HUGE!] Made several significant code improvements that have made the plugin even FASTER. Now, the plugin folder is lighter than 450 KB
  • Improved: 404 Monitor’s export settings styling
  • Fixed: Video Schema was getting duplicated when Auto detect video option was enabled
  • Fixed: PHP Notice on bbPress pages
  • Fixed: Missing script dependency error on the Schema Templates pages

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